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She is Divine!”

— Wayne Dyer


Mystical Performance, Reading & Book Signing


Come enjoy Sarah West Love reading from her latest book The Eternal Rose: A Lullaby of Love for All Ages. Ms Love will offer a mystical performance of Celestial Opera and poetry to enchant into relaxation and inspiration!

The Eternal Rose: A Lullaby of Love for All Ages by Sarah West Love is a bedtime story to wake up to. With full color images of supernovas to heart opening rose blossoms on every page laden with mystic poetry you are sure to lulled into cosmic reverie that lasts. Inspirational, wise and moving, The Eternal Rose is a gift of love for your bedside, your coffee table, to share with those you hold dear and to give to those you want to encourage and inspire.



Address: 536 Granite Ave # A, Richmond, VA 23226



(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)


Hours might differ


Phone: (804) 288-4346


A Message from Paul Jones, Concert Pianist

Sarah West Love is one of those truly rare phenomena that Divine Providence elects as a pontifex, or bridge, to span the gap between actuality and possibility, between what humankind believes to be true and what is sensed intuitively to be true. This is no small matter. The greatest minds of every culture and of every age unanimously speak of another world, that to truly live is to surpass oneself, folding back to that astonishing part of us that partakes of this still point.

Ms, Love gives audible life to this stillness, this possibility, both through her singing and speech. As a result, she is able to touch the deepest recesses of the heart, moving them into alignment with the world behind appearances, the world, which the greater part of humanity yearns for now as never before.

Stated differently, Sarah is about that uncommon depth, the stuff of genius which we all recognize immediately, that comes along in a rarefied embodiment to remind us all what this life is and what it is for.

As a concert veteran of some forty years, and as someone who, himself, has performed with some of the very greatest musicians in the world, I can say without qualification that Sarah West Love is in a class by herself, embodying ideals both musically and personally that situate her as a harbinger of the kind artist this planet of our demands. Fortunate indeed are those, like myself, who, having heard, knew, and having known, were forever changed. This is Ms. Love's legacy, her gift to the people of the Earth.

Sarah's music and words will heal and inspire anyone who listens!”

— Larry Dossey, M.D. author of Healing Words

I'm so excited to announce my BOOK & CD!!

The Search for the Beloved  is NOW available directly on Amazon! Click here to order. For all of Sarah's other work, click here

Read more about it here.

The Search for the Beloved

The "Search for the Beloved" by Sarah West Love... left me speechless and spellbound with goose bumps that will never subside.”

— Lola Perkins

"I can only handle your prose one dose at a time. Your words – your wisdom is so shocking! Your book cures me!" 
– Ginny Floss 

"The Search for the Beloved by Sarah West... left me speechless and spellbound with goose bumps that will never subside. We are all Searching for the Beloved within ourselves. It is not an external person we are searching for but ourselves in all of our tangles and chaos within this world. 

We are endlessly searching for ourselves that we have lost and are bound to forever search for, until we find the peace within ourselves. We will forever be in The Search for the Beloved until we find that tiny particle of love for ourselves that we need to nurture and grow. Until that time we will be forever in "The Search for the Beloved." 

Sarah, you have left me with much to consider with your beautiful music and soul. I am in The Search for the Beloved myself and will probably be for all time. Nevertheless, you have brought me much closer than I have ever been before. Thank you and I love you immensely." 
– Lola Perkins 

"There is no doubt in my mind that Sarah West has been chosen to bring through the voice of the celestial realm and she does it with such an incredibly unforgettable presence and ease that is absolutely mesmerizing!!"  
– Sheridan Phyll Marie