Birthing Love

Sarah West Love

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BIRTHING LOVE album carries you into timelessness – deep, profound, undulating relaxation – for birthing the love inside of you. Use for birthing your soul, spirit and child into this world. • Enjoy profound relaxation. Dive into your heart, soul and body with Sarah West Love's BIRTHING LOVE album • Anchor your authentic Self with these healing, eternal tracks to enhance your creativity, love-making, home births and hospital births, postpartum recovery & much more. • This album was inspired to help the experience of pregnancy, birth and post-partum be connected to the inner power and connectedness creating a love-filled undulation of beingness for the birthing being, baby, family and all those helping.

This ultimate connectedness to our Beingness is the key to a harmonious experience in this mysterious, wild world.

Use this BIRTHING LOVE album to enhance and expand your Peace, Power and Potency by exploring infinite Stillness which this CD leads you to effortlessly. Happy Blissing!!

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