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NEW Book/CD on Amazon NOW! 


I am so excited to share with you that my 15 Year Anniversary Edition of The Search for the Beloved Book & CD is NOW available directly on Amazon! Click here to order. For all of Sarah's other work, click here.

Pick up a copy or two of this keepsake book for your bedside table. Open its lovely pages each night before slumber to read to yourself or your loved one in person or over the phone. Snuggle up close to your heart and soul and be soothed the sounds of Sarah's voice on the page and on this luxurious CD. Bring your loved ones close by reading the inspirational text with those you care about. And, read it aloud to yourself. Touch the whole heart and soul of your being – the open wide self and the forlorn self. Heal any broken places that longs for love. Exponentialize the heart of you into further rapture awaking to the ever-present magnanimous soul of your being.


VALENTINE'S DAY Book Signing! Feb 13th & 14th - 2 Stores! 

Take a piece of Heaven with you home with you!

Sarah West releases her latest inspiring book with CD The Search for the Beloved just in time for Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Sarah West will be doing a book signing this week. 

COME JOIN US in Cary Town FRIDAY, February 13th 12-5 PM & SATURDAY, February 14th 11-1 PM.

AND, at THE ALCHEMIST'S in Stoney Point Fashion Mall, SATURDAY, February 14th, 2-4 PM.

Purchase for yourself, Beloveds, Loved Ones, family, & friends THE GIFT you've always wanted to give & receive TODAY! 

"The longing for love is the deepest quest in our whole lives. The Search for our Beloved, our "other half," our twin flame – ourselves reflected perfectly before us and within us – is an eternal prayer ever beckoning from our heart's lips. We yearn for The One and we yearn for Oneness. W are human: we seek our true mate. We are Divine: we seek Union with that which we are: The Infinite..."
– The Search for the Beloved, excerpt 

​Sarah West is a world renowned teacher, composer and performer of Celestial Mystical Opera. She travels offering cared concepts, seminars and private consolations and has presented at The White House, Uhited Nations events, spiritual centers and expos and private events and mor for over 10 years. She has 9 CDs, DVDs and books. Please visit here for more.